At Marre, timeless design principles meet cutting edge building technologies and finishing details are uniquely tailored to each client's lifestyle.

When you're ready for a change, think Marre.


About Marre

Marre Design Group, Ltd. was established in 2000, as a planning and design firm specialising in residential projects. 

We ventured with the belief that quality design strengthens the communities where we live, work and play. Our goal is to consistently provide meaningful and functional designs that work for the unique needs and lifestyles of all our clients.

Offering services as a residential & home design firm, we combine timeless design principles with cutting edge building technologies and finishing details uniquely tailored to each client's lifestyle. 

When you're ready for a change, think Marre.




Design Process

The custom home design process may vary slightly from project to project. Often initial concepts and plans are drawn by hand on canary tracing paper before being further developed on the computer. Inspiration on a design may strike at different times - that's why a pen is always close at hand - even if it means sketching the idea on a napkin during a lunch meeting!

At Marre Design, every home is one of a kind.  At the beginning of every project we have an initial meeting with our clients and talk about their families, lifestyles, wants, wishes, and budget.  From there we design a home specifically tailored to them.  All of our designs are very meticulous and well thought out, so that there is a flow to the space and it is both beautiful and functional.  As part of the design process we provide very detailed 3D views of the exterior, so that you understand exactly what is being proposed. 

The design process is a lot of fun!  We help you to make your dream home a reality - whether it's a custom-designed inner-city infill home or a spacious luxury home designed for an acreage. We offer a level personal service and attention to detail that is unparalleled in the industry. You'll get nothing but top-shelf service from are residential planning services.

Coupled with thoughtful design, Marre’s construction documents are extremely thorough in order to foresee and thereby avoid as much as possible problems that could otherwise cause builder headaches and home owner frustration during the building process. 

At Marre Design Group we are passionate about what we do - residential planning. We understand the elements of beautiful, remarkable and practical home architecture.  And it shows!


Sustainable & Green Building Technologies

Today much consideration is given to green building technologies. While we strive to be forward-looking in choosing products and construction methods that are innovative and environmentally responsible, we also consider that design itself plays a role in sustainability.

A home design by Marre Design Group means that careful consideration has been given to the proportions of space, interior and exterior views, form, function and detail, in conjunction with our client's needs and budget. We feel that well resolved home design has little to do with square footage. After all, wasted or poorly used space equals wasted resources.

It's one of the reasons why we we've specialized in designing inner-city infills. Infill architecture has obvious challenges, but we've planned infills using our innovative design philosophy to make homes that are both practical and beauitful residences for our clients.

We also bring our sustainable approach to all our custom-home designs. From material sourcing to innovative sustainable technology integration into the final house design, we can integrate a variety of green building technologies into your custom-designed home.

Tom Chute, Principal

Prior to becoming a specialized residential planner and opening Marre Design Group in 2000, Tom spent 5 years as a framing contractor on large custom residential projects. The experience on the jobsite has proved invaluable for future design projects. Throughout his career, Tom has always attracted clients in part because of his extensive previous experience in construction giving him a knowledge base that most architectural or technological graduates do not have.

Tom’s keen eye for design and detail continue to make Marre Design a residential design firm with unsurpassed detail and quality. Tom is affiliated with the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada and the American Institute of Architects. He is a member of the Canadian Green Build Council and has been one of the judges for the Calgary and Region Home Builders Association annual student design competition for three years. 

Tom has also been invited to participate in two different seminars put on in inner city community associations, where people in the communities were invited to come and learn about how to develop projects in their area. After studying in the Architectural Technology program at SAIT, Tom went on to study Building Engineering at Concordia University, Montreal, and Architecture at Woodbury University, Los Angeles. Since starting Marre Design Group, Tom has gained extensive experience in residential design, and has designed over 350 custom homes for various clients and builders.

Whether you're looking for a residential planner to design your dream home, an innovative visionary to take an inner-city lot and turn it into a remarkable infill home, or create a custom-designed luxury home, Tom will bring his imppecible eye for detail and stunning vision to your home design. Contact him at


Our Services

As premier residential designers & planners, we are proud to be able to offer the following services for custom home & rennovation projects:

  • 3D models of your custom home project
  • Architectural Rendering
  • Site Selection, Planning and Site Layout
  • Complete New Home + Renovation Design
  • Coordinate Services of Consultants (Engineering, Survey, etc.)
  • Development Permit Drawings
  • Application for Development Permit (including infill building permits)
  • Fully Detailed Construction Documents for Building
  • Interior Design + Material Selections
  • Millwork, Cabinet, and Built-in's Design + Drawings
  • Construction Supervision + Field Review


Our goal is to provide meaningful and functional design for all familes.


Calgary (Head Office)


Palo Alto, CA (Marketing Office)

Calgary · Vancouver · Montreal · Los Angeles  

Tom Chute, Principal

Allied Member AIA · Affiliate Member RAIC · Affiliate Member CaGBC


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